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This project is a collaboration between Marco Ciavolino and Bill Connolly. In November of 2017 Marco was walking through Target and saw an end-cap with the play carpet with roads that so many of us had.

He launched RobotMats (from his work with TechBrick Robotics) to provide training and challenge mats for robotics. He thought, 'we could do this!' After looking through some clip art options he realized it would just be another boring product so he called his friend, Bill Connolly, and they are now, "The Mat Men."

Bill is a nationally recognized illustrator who is one of those artists who can draw a complete illustration on a napkin with a gravy coated straw at a restaurant in about 1 minute. He is simply amazing. He also does morning drive time radio, composes jingles, and teaches media at a local college (and way more than we can list here!)

So they worked together to develop the concept of Creative Play Mats. We came up with a list of 42 initial designs. The current site has 20 and we will adding about one per week.

Bill and Marco have worked together on many projects over the years. Marco provides editorial direction, technical expertise, and production. Bill adds the creative spark that makes these amazing.

These amazing mats feature imaginative, play-producing, images. Each mat is designed to provide just enough imagery to spur creative play and encourage your children to create their own stories. The mats can join together to form an endless number of communities and adventures! Check them out!

Here the websites referenced above!

We took a few minutes to discuss the project. Check it out!