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Recently the Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a set of guidelines under the general description of CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act). It provides a number of directives concerning various compounds and manufacturing processes used for and in the production of items such as books, toys, and clothing.


These mats do not fit into any of the CPSIA categories and therefore do not require compliance testing.

However, we have reviewed the Materials Handling Data Sheets (MDHS) for the ink and the vinyl. Neither contain any materials or substances currently known to be hazardous.

  • These mats are very durable and easy to clean.
  • The are printed on outdoor vinyl which is typically rated at 5 years of continuous display. Indoors they last basically forever.
  • Feel free to walk on them (but wear socks or soft sole shoes)
  • Clean with Windex or similar household cleaners or just a damp cloth.
  • If they get creased, just use a warm iron on back to smooth out the crease lines.
  • The cost is moderate and at the lower end of custom toys. What was the last event you spent $49 on? Dinner and movie? A piece of clothing?  This mat will provide years of play for your children and grandchildren. A great deal.
  • They love cookies and milk.