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New Technical Versions for Bee Bots, Dash & Dot, and Similar Table Top Systems

Posted by The Mat Men on 5/26/2018 to Creative Play Mats News
We've created five technical versions of our mats for use with table top robotics systems. The feature 90 or 45 degree turns and an underlying grid along with our award winning whimsical designs.

Two New Mats: Castle and Jungle

Posted by on 4/15/2018 to Creative Play Mats News
This week we added two new mats. One was in our planned releases and one was requested by a customer.

Jungle 1
Swing through the trees, cross the river, chase a butterfly, run the rapids, and more as you expand your world with a jungle/forest setting. Perfect for exploring, mystery, and more!

Fantasy Castle
Mount your steeds and scale the wall to save the damsel. This town provides the backdrop swashbuckling adventures of knights and maidens.

Welcome to Creative Play Mats

Posted by on 4/6/2018 to Creative Play Mats News
These Mats Help Grow Creative Children! 

Bill and Marco launched the store today!

These amazing mats feature imaginative, play-producing, images by Bill Connolly. Each mat is designed to provide just enough imagery to spur creative play and encourage your children to create their own stories. The mats can join together to form an endless number of communities and adventures! 

They are printed on outdoor vinyl and will last for years. You can get them in 36x36 or 24x24 inch sizes. They are easily cleaned! And, the more you buy the more you save! Get a discount for up to 10 or more mats starting at 1% and going up to 10%. It will be automatically deducted at check out. 

Be sure to watch our cool intro video on the HOME PAGE!

Buy the COLORING BOOK pages for FREE (you still have to check out but there is no charge)!

Please forward any comments to Marco at marco@creativeplaymats.com